Brunstein Observatory

Kreiensen, Germany

Welcome to the Homepage of the Brunstein Observatory, a private (amateur) observatory in Kreiensen, Germany.

Brunstein Observatory

The observatory is named after the Brunstein, a hilltop in the Leine Valley. It is located on the northern side of the hilltop in the garden next to my house, about 30m below the actual top of the hill.

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Who am I?

 My Name is Uwe Schmidtmann. I am working as soft- and hardware developer in a company near Göttingen.  This infrared image has been taken by Georg Dittié, Bonn. 

My most important hobbies are Astronomy and Amateur Radio. 

If you have access to the german amateur radio web you can find the pages on DB0EIN (


Some pieces of the astronomical work (not all pages contain data yet!):

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Last update: 2006-04-04